Nitesh Kothari is a businessman by the mind and a selfless person by heart. Read to know!

The key aspect of any entrepreneur to succeed in the market is to pick up a niche. To mark his journey in the business, Nitesh Kothari entered into the precious metals market at a very young age. He ventured into arbitrage, a field that was completely new for him. In very less time, the businessman mastered himself and got the recognition of the arbitrage king. When he got into the field, there was no one close to him in the market who could understand the concept of arbitrage. He not only got benefitted from it but also trained many influential players in the market.

In the last few years, he has merged with many businesses and knows the A to Z of investments and business. Nitesh is a genius mind when it comes to business and many people turn up to him for any and every investment advice. He has diversified into many different fields including bullion, jewellery, real estate and celebrity management to name a few. Achieving all his dreams one after the other, the businessman has become a successful name today.

Following a disciplined life, he lives by his work ethics and has kept a perfect balance between personal and professional life. Nitesh considers Amitabh Bachchan as his role model and is a big fan of the actor’s work. Nitesh Kothari is the director of VDC Jewellery based in Mumbai. Not just a phenomenal businessman, he is also a selfless social worker who abides by his responsibilities towards the citizens of the country.

By his earnings, he also contributes towards the betterment of society. Kothari is associated with many NGOs and charitable trusts where he makes donations every year. In the recent coronavirus outbreak, he supplied free PPE kits and masks to the warriors including doctors and police. For the underprivileged and needy, Nitesh Kothari distributed essential commodities like food and ration kits. The businessman says, “Every small contribution counts and I hope my contribution will bring in a little change in the country.”


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