Nikita Dragun Accused Of Stealing Scandal Beauty Nail Brand's Business

Nikita Dragun Accused Of Stealing Scandal Beauty Nail Brand’s Business

Nikita Dragun is in the midst of a controversy yet again as the Youtuber has been accused of stealing an entire business. She has been accused of stealing product ideas from an indie brand which is called Scandal Beauty.

The company itself posted similarities between Nikita’s products and their products. It included a comparison between the two side-by-side as they tried to prove Dragun’s nails were not of good quality.

The video gained a lot of traction with over 22k views and 1.9k likes. Recently, Nikita shared her collaboration with Makartt to launch these press-on nails. Dragun posted a long and beautiful press-on as the campaign video. But one of these nails looked exactly like a set from Scandal Beauty.

The company came forward to address the similarity in an Instagram video. They captioned the video writing, “We had to bring back Us VS Them for this one lol”. The video had them searching for scandal press on in Google as well as Makartt x Nikita Dragun scandal press ons. They went on to compare both the sets side-by-side and the resemblance was uncanny.

Makartt nails retail at $15 for 24 nails which is cheaper than the scandal press-on. But these nails proved to be of cheaper quality along with the cheaper price when compared to the indie brand. This video also proved that Nikita had bought nails from Scandal a few months ago.

The video gained a lot of attention as there were over 90 comments with people sharing their opinions. A user stated that theirs looks worse than what the user has seen at the dollar store. Another user claimed Nikita’s nails in the promotional videos look way different from the nails sold at Makartt.

Yet another user claimed their nails look low quality and are not even a good imitation. The user doubted the longevity of the nails and said it was a poor choice in influencers.

The Youtuber has been accused of stealing ideas before as well from another indie brand. They launched a Dragun Beauty liquid lipstick back in 2020 and fans noticed the packaging similarities with a brand called Opalescent.

A user clarified immediately that the component structure was a stock design that is an option for many different makeup labs. Nikita was also accused of copy-pasted tweets on her Twitter account. Many of her tweets were already posted by someone else.

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