Nike SB Shuts Down ‘Heineken Dunk 2.0’ Dunk Rumor

The Sneaker World is buzzing with excitement over a recent rumor that Nike SB is planning to bring back one of their most legendary sneakers – the Heineken Dunk. However, this excitement was short-lived as Nike SB shut down the rumors by commenting on a post on Instagram.

The comment was simple yet straightforward, “Not SB”. This caused some confusion among sneaker enthusiasts, as it didn’t necessarily mean that the remake didn’t exist, just that it wasn’t an SB project.

The original Heineken Dunk was never an official collaboration with the beer brand, but it still managed to become one of the most sought-after sneakers in the market. The sneaker was first released in 2005 and since then, it has become a legend among sneakerheads. The release of the Heineken 2.0 would have caused quite a stir, but now it seems that the rumors were just that, rumors.

However, reliable sneaker source Brendan Dunne has shed some light on the situation by tweeting that there is indeed a collaboration in the works, but it will be an inline ‘reverse’ colorway. This has sparked a new wave of excitement among sneaker enthusiasts, as they eagerly await more details on this upcoming collaboration.

In conclusion, while the Heineken 2.0 may not be an SB project, the rumors of collaboration are still alive and well. Fans of the Heineken Dunk are still hopeful that they will be able to add this legendary sneaker to their collection. It remains to be seen when the collaboration will be announced and what it will entail, but one thing is for sure, sneakerheads will be waiting with bated breath for any further updates.


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