Nigel ‘BezKnowsTalent’ Lee is making every second count in 2022

You can never rewind time in life.   

Nothing beats eating Roscoe’s chicken, private stock syrup, and a classic Coca-Cola. Every Friday, I treat myself to the #3 HERB’S SPECIAL. The legendary meal includes: 1⁄2 Chix prepared southern style served with 2 waffles, their own private mix.  

Walking inside Roscoe’s on Pico Blvd is always an authentic LA vibe.   

Pulling up during the lunch rush is always a challenge, but good food makes you travel every time. Roscoes is the only chicken and waffle place where the parking lot converts into an exotic car show. Maybachs, Rolls Royce’s, and Ferrari’s smother the outside.  

The wait time is insane, and nobody ever leaves. The wait staff informs me of a small table available in the back corner of the restaurant. My cache at Roscoe’s is super-high, and it’s paying dividends today. I’m scanning the restaurant, and it’s packed with Hollywood celebrities. I arrive at my table and order the #3 HERB’S SPECIAL.  

The sounds of Roscoe’s resemble an NFL game, hair salon, barbershop, and church. As I await my HERB SPECIAL, I reflect on the legacy of Nipsey Hussle. From Crenshaw to Los Angeles, you can see Nipsey Hussle’s iconic presence on hand-painted murals throughout surrounding cities.  

Ermias Asghedom, aka Neighborhood Nip, aka Nipsey Hussle, was born in LA on August 15, 1985, and physically left this earth on March 31, 2019. Nipsey’s spirit and TMC (The Marathon Continues) movement continues to impact people worldwide.   

As I consume my food, I see Mexicans, Blacks, Hispanics, and Caucasians wearing ‘The Marathon Clothing Line’ products. It’s mind-blowing to comprehend this Eritrean immigrant created a multimillion-dollar organization from the seeds of ‘organic hustle.’  

I remember buying a tee shirt from Slauson Tee’s store before Nipsey purchased the entire building with his partner David Gross. As I listen to the ‘Victory Lap’ album in my ‘Figgers Wireless’ earbuds, hearing ‘Stacy Barthe’ harmonize with her angelic voice, I feel psychologically connected with Nipsey’s cultural vibration.   

Reminiscing over his childhood, philanthropic endeavors, music, family ties, and business moves, tears begin to roll down my face. I will never accept the utter ignorance of black-on-black violence in America.  

I’m wearing a classic ‘Crenshaw Blue’ Marathon tee-shirt complimented with a pair of fashionable Sean John jeans and white ‘Marc Nolan’ shoes.   

The name ‘Ermias’ means “God will rise.” I now understand the divine significance of his purpose. Nipsey Hussle made every second count in life. “The Marathon Continues” in 2022 and beyond.   

My driver arrives, and I hop into the chauffeured SUV headed towards SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills. Sipping on Aquahydrate water and contemplating my schedule, re-route my driver to 3420 W Slauson Ave. This address belongs to the ‘Marathon Clothing Store.’ I want to feel Nipsey’s vibe as I prepare my editorial feature on Nigel’  BezKnowsTalent’ Lee. The grind, public persona, and business mastery of Nigel Lee are captivating, to say the least.   

Nigel “BezKnowsTalent’ Lee encapsulates the phraseology’ bet on yourself.’ Being twenty-three years old, newly married, raising a three-year-old child, and having $425.00 in the bank is not an instant recipe for success. Envisioning success and opulence while living in the trenches is reserved for visionaries. Nigel’  BezKnowsTalent’ Lee is a natural-born leader and converted his life from struggle into black excellence.   

Nigel Lee was born with a sovereign ability of human connection. Understanding how to pensively push people beyond their comfort zones and reach their optimal potential translates into the word: leadership. From making sandwiches at BLIMPIE’s to launching his music marketing career with the late great artist ‘Young Greatness,’ Nigel Lee elevated above his pain to create lanes of opportunity for himself.   

Being born a black male in America equals living in a two-strike system. Knowing the importance of leveling the playing field for the ‘underdogs’ and uncut diamonds in music, Nigel formed his empire ‘BezKnowsTalent.’   

‘BezKnowsTalent imprint provides a myriad of music monetization, branding, marketing, sync licensing, and global partnership vehicles for emerging artists. Traveling from Soundcloud to Billboard is the bridge Nigel’s team creates for progressive and hyper-focused artists.   

Securing upper-echelon business relationships and partnerships in the music industry enables Nigel Lee to supercharge an artist’s career. Navigating artists through the music game’s deadly landmines is invaluable.   

‘BezKnowsTalent’ possesses ‘eagle eyes,’ lionheart, Kodiak bear sense of smell, and patience of a Siberian tiger. He understands the critical value of ensuring every piece fits into the greatness inside the puzzle of excellence.   

Nigel’ BezKnowsTalent’ Lee’s business accolades, integrity, and strategies are undeniably masterful. Nigel is the perfect Swiss army knife in the music game, providing a superhighway of monetized outlets for artists. 

Every artist needs an executive partner who acknowledges the significance of grinding inside the foxhole and swimming with great white sharks. Mastering the keys of survival is an esoteric playbook. Nigel Lee speaks the language of adaptability for artists.   

My chauffeured Lincoln Navigator SUV pulls up to Nipsey’s original Marathon Clothing store location. I step outside the vehicle to bear witness to Nipsey’s dream. It’s a sad, inspiring, and aspirational moment. Knowing his life was taken senselessly at the hands of another Black man is insane.   

The wind blows gently across my face as I watch hundreds of people take pictures and surround the building. The marathon continues for both Nipsey Hussle and Nigel Lee.   

Jonathan P-Wright is a freelance writer for several mainstream media sites and based in Palo Alto, California.