Nick Young Still Wants To Punch D'Angelo Russell Even After Retirement!

Nick Young Still Wants To Punch D’Angelo Russell Even After Retirement!

NBA players usually keep their private life just among the team. There is brotherhood amongst the players which they do not let anyone to interfere. It is like a ritual. When you come as a rookie, the player in the team who are your seniors will do everything in their power to annoy you just to get a reaction and making sure that their bonds remain strong.

Of course it is not picture perfect and it takes a long while to open up for some players. Or there may be players who feel they have been disrespected. This leads to fight in the locker rooms and that is common. But one thing is completely unacceptable and that is when you break the trust of the other player by simply doing something you weren’t supposed to.

The good times

That is what happened in the Lakers locker room back in the 2015-16 season. It was D’Angelo Russell’s rookie season and like all rookies he was trying to bond with the players in the team. He eventually became good friends with Nick Young and they used to chill out. It is important for building chemistry by knowing your team and for being a point guard, communication is extremely important.

Nevertheless, the two got close to the point where they wouldn’t mind each other being in their personal life. Russell used to spend most of his time in Young’s house at that time. But the problem arose later in the middle of the season.

The unforseen betrayal

It was just a usual day and both Russell and Young were spending some time together. Nick Young was talking to some girls on the net and Russell was recording the conversation. Of course, Young did not say anything against Russell filming him considering he himself gave consent. Also, this was at this time when Young was dating rapper Iggy Azalea.

Russell kept the recording but to his dismay, the video of the same got leaked. Young’s entire conversation went public and soon after, Azalea ended things with him. This was a huge mistake on Russell’s part as he broke the trust of not only Nick Young who he was close with, but also the rest of the team felt the betrayal.

They shunned Russell for weeks and did not allow him to sit with them during breakfast, lunch or dinner. This was also the time when the Lakers were having a string of bad games, including a crushing 48-point defeat to the Utah Jazz. As for Young, he did not talk to Russell and to this date they are on rocky terms.

It seems that the hate may have waned but Young recently declared he wanted to box D’Angelo Russell if he had to pick an opponent. Russell was quick to clap back by saying that after all these years also he had nothing to do with the incident which is technically true. It seems like their relationship will never be solved and the beef will keep egging on.

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