Nick Jonas Cute Husband Moment: Fixes Priyanka’s Dress At Red Carpet

Well, we have ‘Husband of the year’ , Nick Jonas with us on The Fashion Awards Red Carpet today! The moment came when the train of Priyanka’s coat needed fixing on Awards red carpet. Hubby Nick Jonas was right there to help her, getting picture-perfect.

The 29 year-old singer, Nick Jonas was captured while he and Priyanka Chopra posed for photos on the red carpet at The Fashion Awards in London on November 29. The long train of Priyanka’s floral jacket wasn’t camera-ready, so he stepped in for the save. He sweetly fixed Priyanka’s train so that it was perfect for photos. Priyanka had the biggest smile on her face as Nick was helping her out.

The desi-girl Priyanka Chopra with Nick Jonas romance couldn’t have been imagine as a better fairytale. The Hollywood couple, whose age gap attracted headlines, hitched in December 2018. The span of 10 years couldn’t make space between their love.

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The Matrix 4 actress recently surprised her admirers by removing both of her last names, Chopra and Jonas, off her Instagram page. Fans surprised by the actress’s unexpected choice. Priyanka has yet to respond or comment on the situation. However, this has generated speculation among internet users as to why the actress changed her identity. 

During the ‘Jonas Brothers Family Roast,’ the desi girl Priyanka Chopra admitted she couldn’t see herself with anyone but Nick Jonas. Until a certain buff Australian slides into her DMs. The Quantico addressed those who ‘questioned our marriage’ and thought her tying the knot with Nick was some kind of publicity stunt. ‘How could it be?’ she asked. “I didn’t even know how famous Nick was? All I knew was that he was Kevin Jonas‘ baby brother”. She also said that three years after saying “I Do”, she ‘wouldn’t want to be married to anyone else, guys. Unless, of course, Chris Hemsworth suddenly became single. Might change things’.

Mashfak Qureshi is an entertainment journalist, who brings facts and knowledge in the simplest form and believes in questioning.

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