New Viral TikTok Video Reveals The Inside Of Ace Family’s $13 Million Foreclosed Home

ACE Family has had a tough 2021 with plenty of lawsuits and troubles coming their way. The Social Gloves Entertainment, Austin McBroom’s promotion company was allegedly bankrupt and rumours were circulating that the fighters; who participated were not paid for the boxing event which was spearheaded by Austin McBroom’s Social Gloves.

On top of that, the ACE Family was dragged to court for missing payments on their home and were forced to leave the property after it was put under foreclosure.

The Foreclosure Drama

In one of the videos on the ACE Family channel titled ‘Our House Story’, the couple explain everything in-detail about what has been happening with them and how they were not at fault.

When the entire drama started, Austin McBroom clearly stated that “Ain’t nobody getting evicted, ain’t nobody moving.”

Later on, the couple revealed that they were scammed by the contractor that they we working with. The contractor was not a licensed contractor and was using the license of someone else. They said that “Because of that he was able to get everyone on his team to basically screw us,” 

“As far as us suing anybody, like we should be suing these people, but yeah, time and energy, like I’m just so over it, I just wanna move on. Yeah, we lost millions of dollars in this house, but we just got a new house.”

State of ‘Disarray’

And now, a new viral TikTok video shows the inside of what looks like the $13 million foreclosed home of the ACE Family.

The uploader of the viral TikTok video is a realtor-cum-TikToker and he calls the state of the home as ‘disarray’.

The oven, fridge, and dishwasher from the kitchen have also been removed, which Ross (the realtor-cum-TikToker) thinks was done to “try to pay off the bank.”

The TikTok video has amassed over 3 million views so far and the comments under the video are all pointing towards one thing – The resemblance of the house in the video to that of ACE Family’s foreclosed home.

Watch the viral TikTok video below;

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