New TikTok Trend: "LED" Eyeliner

New TikTok Trend: “LED” Eyeliner

TikTok has given us many trends, be it the “underpainting”, “crying” makeup, or even the “cold girl” makeup. There is always something or the other for everybody on the platform. For people who love a pop of color, another new “LED” eyeliner trend is here.

The LED eyeliner might have already been spotted by you if you follow beauty creators. This trend slides right in perfectly with the obsession with graphic eyeliners. The eyeliner is bright, and bold and looks more difficult to do than it actually is.

As the name suggests, it is not literally putting LED lights on your eyes but it is an inspiration. For achieving this makeup look, you will have to put white liner as your base to lift a bright eyeliner. This contrast gives the illusion of an LED-light look.

Back in 2016, we had the trend of neon eyeliner where the white base made the liner look brighter and have more dimension. If you scroll through TikTok or Instagram, you will get plenty of ideas as to how to have endless possibilities with the trend. Another plus about this trend is that it would not need you to go outside of your beauty collection.

All you need is white eyeliner for your base and any colorful eyeshadow or liner that you own. To get the pure LED feel on your lids, you can use primary colors like red, yellow, and blue. Meanwhile, to add a punch, repeat the process of layering by applying another coat of white and the color.


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