New single, “Black and White” by Holiday is a must listen

Los Angeles native, Holiday releases new single, “Black and White” a unique and carefully cultivated track with a mixture of RnB and Afrobeat, produced by Kenyan “ODDZ”.

Holidays intent behind this track is to bring light to the deeper understanding of women and love. Holiday highlights the factors that come with sharing passion with another individual and the unforeseen circumstances when one is blinded with emotion.

“Most of my songs are created when I am feeling something. Whether it be happiness or sadness. Black and White tells a story about love I think we can all relate to. We all have that one person who we like to keep around even though we have no intentions of being with them long term. That is why I say “it’s not Black and White”, because love isn’t always fun and colorful. Sometimes it can get boring and fade.” -Holiday

Holiday was able to keep things rolling flawlessly as he had the opportunity to release his track in perfect time for his upcoming show at “Milk Room” in Los Angeles with appearances from legends such as DARKO!

To learn more about Holiday, check out his social media and listen to the lyrics of his music to gain a deeper understanding.


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