New Reports Claim Johnny Depp's Health To Be Blamed For Tanking Career

New Reports Claim Johnny Depp’s Health To Be Blamed For Tanking Career

There has been no shortage of theories and leaks in the case of the defamation trial between Amber Heard and Johnny Depp. The trial is currently on a week-long hiatus but now another report has come into being.

Reports obtained by Radar Online have revealed that the production of Depp’s 2018 City of Lies movie was delayed because of his erratic on-set behavior. This happened in the last few days of filming which cost up to a million dollars.

Reports further logged-in incidents explaining the star’s absences from set. This also included incidents where he did not show up at all. As per these reports, Depp did not show up to work because of fatigue, sweats, and fever.

The entry of incidents includes one for February 27 which says, “Cast member J. Depp left work of own volition before completion of scheduled work on account of fatigue & ill-feeling… this caused estimated company work loss of 5 hours. Slight difficulty with scripted lines was observed of Mr. Depp during performance.”

The report continued the next day as it said Depp had to get emergency dental work done after suffering from pain and fatigue because of a dental issue. As per an entry on March 1, “Cast member J. Depp left work of his own volition before completion of his scheduled work due to sweats, fever & feeling ill. This attributed to an estimated overall company work loss of 4 hours throughout day delays.”

The entry from the following day had all work scheduled for today and tomorrow postponed for a later date. This was because Johnny could not report to work because of illness.

According to the source, the result of the trial could have a huge impact on Depp’s career. If the actor will show up or have any personal issues that might interrupt the production will be a few of the concerns film producers have when hiring Depp. On top of this, he is also labeled as a wife-beater and the effects of that at the box office will also impact decisions.

However, these claims are made merely from reports obtained by Radar Online. There has been no proof of Depp abusing Heard, however, multiple recordings where Heard herself admits to hitting Depp have surfaced. Several witnesses of the case have also testified to Amber’s abusive and violent behavior.

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