New Easter Egg for Fans – as WWE keeps playing ‘White Rabbit’ for live crowds

They have done it before! This happened a two months prior when there were cryptic videos and messages broadcasted on TV and their Titantron during live shows, the reveal was the return of EDGE!

Also back when Chris Jericho was also revealed, it was a big thing. Now we have another one coming up!

The codes led to a website with White Rabbit hints, such as a hangman game, and they hinted that more would be revealed on September 23, which is the date of this Friday’s SmackDown on FOX.

Could Bray Wyatt be there? Absolutely, as recently tweeted by Scarborough, the concept artist for the original Fiend mask and attire:

What does it mean that Bray Wyatt is associated with the White Rabbit?

Over the past few weeks, there have been numerous White Rabbit teases, but are they connected to former WWE Superstar Bray Wyatt? Fans of professional wrestling have been thinking about The Fiend for a while, and many of them are hoping that the former WWE Champion will make a comeback.

Over the past few weeks, the song “White Rabbit” by the Jefferson Airplane has been played during commercial breaks at some WWE events, and it seems to have been the beginning of a “underground” marketing campaign. It seemed like nothing more than a harmless way for Anaheim fans to enjoy their modern lighters until everything turned red at the conclusion.

When it occurred once more at two subsequent shows—one on Sunday in Oakland and one on Saturday night in Bakersfield, California—fan interest increased.

It seemed like nothing more than a harmless way for Anaheim fans to enjoy their modern lighters until everything turned red at the conclusion.

We can be in a dilemma well

This is no longer just “a fun way for fans to flick their lighters from the twenty-first century.” Now that Triple H is in charge of WWE, even that seems like a tell since cell phone lights played a significant role in the Bray Wyatt experience. Additionally, we frequently hear that Wyatt’s return is highly likely. You can probably guess who the focus of the rumours is when you consider the red lights The Fiend wrestled under.

It can be something else?

However, there is also a less obvious but equally important connection to a former member of the SmackDown roster to take into account. Karrion Kross played a role on Lucha Underground called The White Rabbit. On Twitter, Kross has been interacting with people who have brought that up, but he hasn’t revealed anything.

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WWE severely mismanaged Bray Wyatt’s “Fiend” character. Could he succeed with it more easily in AEW?

The WWE’s “Fiend” alter ego of Bray Wyatt caused controversy among wrestling fans because, at times, his gimmick seemed almost magical. He is currently a free agent after being shockingly fired from the company earlier this year. As a well-known figure in the wrestling business with numerous world championships to his credit, he was immediately associated with AEW. Where he would appear next and whether he would bring his gimmicks with him are major unknowns. The question of whether this would work in AEW and whether The Fiend would fare better in AEW than it did in WWE is raised by this.

Due to their history of using unusual and novel gimmicks, characters like The Fiend raise questions about their suitability for AEW, but if Triple H changes his mind and gets Bray Wyatt back in WWE then it’s a different story. When it comes to characters, AEW has largely maintained realism, and the exceptions haven’t worked out well. Although “Broken” Matt Hardy was entertaining, there were times when logic was sacrificed, and even Tony Khan has expressed regret over allowing these moments to occur.

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