Never Have I Ever Season 3 Trailer Shows Devi’s New Romantic Relationship and many more

Never Have I Ever Season 3 Trailer Shows Devi’s New Romantic Relationship and many more

The famous comedy drama series Never Have I Ever is one of the most famous series among the fans. The first two seasons have been full of fun, adventure, relationship and friends. With the arrival of third season’s trailer it looks like Mindy Kaling is going to bring up more exciting season. With the opening of the trailer of the third season, it is seen that Devi essayed by Maitreyi Ramakrishnan and Paxton essayed by Darren Barnet have made their relationship official, at school for which Devi exceeds every bar in the terms of her popularity.

Devi is seen embarking her new phase of her life as she is seen making her relationship official with Paxton. With this the trailer further shows that it is not going to be easy for Devi as with her new relationship and her new status there comes a huge setbacks with all the popular kids in school are giving her the side-eye. Her friends are seen supporting her. In the trailer her therapist is seen saying that how her relationship is not going to solve out all her problems.

The Third Season is Going to Premiere on 12 August

The trailer also shows some love moments between Devi and Paxton as the duo is seen sharing a steamy kiss. Just when it seems like everything is going perfect in Devi’s life, then there is the entry of a new guy enters and unlike her description of a “dorky” Indian dude, who is rather strikingly handsome boy.  With the entry of a new boy it looks like the love life of Devi is going to take some new turn. While Devi is seen sharing amazing bond with her mother, Nalini in the third season of the series.

The first and second season of the series has received extreme love from the audience and with that Netflix ordered another season of the series. The third season of the show is going to premiere on 12th of August.  

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