Netflix’s Wednesday Addams Dark Viral Marketing Strategy Is Next Level

Wednesday Addams marketing team has taken its promotions to a whole different level. The series continues to dominate the Netflix top charts. But apart from that, its viral marketing strategy also played an important role in drawing people’s attention to the show. The series is the perfect mix of horror, thriller, dark comedy & mystery.

Recently Netflix posted a crazy marketing video of Wednesday Addams. In which the thing was unleashed from the bag on the streets of New York City. The Thing was successful in scaring half of the people and others were just shocked to see a creepy hand on the streets. You can check everyone’s reaction below in the Netflix video.

This was not the only viral technique the makers used. There were various billboards at the bus stops, highways & streets which had various Wednesday Addams dark dialogues for the people. The dialogue written on the billboard was a blend of the series’ dialogue and the character’s reaction to real people.

Also, there were many creative posts that Netflix uploaded on its official handle promoting the series. The official page of Wednesday Addams also managed to engage people with its dark and rude tweets of the lead character. The people were just loving the creative marketing techniques that the show used to grab their attention of the people.

The Thing became the main attraction of all these promotional strategies. Obviously, people loved Jenna Ortega’s character in the series and overall acting performances. But people found The Thing to be the best character in the Wednesday Addams. When everyone found out behind the scenes of the thing and that it was played by a real person, the praises increased for Wednesday’s hand companion.

In today’s time, it’s important for every brand or even a show/film to make use of such creative viral techniques. So that people will easily be attracted to their products and relate to them or even find them amazing which will eventually increase the viewership of a series/film or the sales of a product. This is not the first time a series has used a such technique, recently Smile Movie also used such a technique to draw the attention of the people, have a look here.

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