Netflix’s Beverly Hills Cops 4 Gets A Production Date

Eddie Murphy is going to be back in his role in  Beverly Hills Cop IV. It’s been 28 years since we last saw Eddie in this show and it’s time we finally get t witness the action-comedy series yet again and relive the comedic moments. The long-due fourth installment of the movie is finally back giving us hope to witness the classic comedy.

Earlier this year a report suggested that the fourth installment of the action comedy film will be directed by Mark Molloy. Since April the film was undergoing development and the production date has to be revealed yet. Producer Jerry Bruckheimer revealed that the fourth installment will begin filming very soon during a conversation with

Beverly Hills Cop IV Production

The producer has revealed that the filming for  Beverly Hills Cop IV will start in a week or 10 days.

During the promotion of his film Coming 2 America, he said he looks forward to working in  Beverly Hills Cop IV as his next project. Coming 2 America was not released on the big screen due to the peak time of COVID and instead was released on Amazon Prime Video.

Beverly Hills Cop IV is one of the franchises which gained millions of taxes incentives. The Netflix and Paramount Pictures movie is expected to gain at least $15.8 million and it is projected to bring in $78 million in local spending.

During a conversation, Murphy shared how and what kind of work he wants to deliver to the franchise. He said that the creators have been working on this franchise for 15 years. Netflix has the right to the movie as of now and they are developing a script for the movie. He won’t be a part of it unless the script is right.

He played the role of Alex when he was 22 he said. Adding further upon being asked how it was for him to act in it, he said he felt no pressure. “When you’re young, you kind of take everything for granted“- he said. things started moving fast for him s he did not give it much thought. The actor looks back and says he was very young and he had no pressure. He just went with the flow.

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