Netflix Removing ‘One-Punch Man’ In October 2021, Checkout For More Series

One of the most popular anime franchises on Netflix, One-Punch Man, has been scheduled to leave by October 20th of this year. It is one of the most popular anime titles in the past ten years. However, fans will be saddened to learn that the first season of One Punch Man is listed to leave Netflix in October 2021. 

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One-Punch Man is a superhero-parody anime series based on manga of the same name. After the manga launched, the series went viral in 2012. Since the release of the anime series in 2015, the franchise’s popularity skyrocketed into the stratosphere.

Talking about hero hobbyist Saitama, who has the power to defeat opponents with the unimaginable strength of one punch, joins the Hero Association after his apprentice Genos makes him aware that his superhero exploits are not known by the public.

When is One Punch Man leaving Netflix US?

The only season of One Punch Man will get removed on Wednesday, October 20th, 2021 from Netflix US. Netflix US has listed it for removal. If you search for One Punch Man on your App you will find the series listed for removal. However, Netflix failed to get other seasons on it due to copyright issues.

Where can I stream One Punch Man?

Netflix has not been the exclusive home for streaming One Punch Man, thanks to the series being available to stream on Crunchyroll and FUNimation. Crunchyroll is where you will find both seasons of One Punch Man, whereas FUNimation only has the first season. However, seasons are divided into 12 episodes.

Could we see the second season of One Punch Man come to Netflix US?

Since the release of One Punch Man season 2 in April 2019, fans have been extremely eager to see it arrive on Netflix. Sadly, it remains extremely unlikely that we’d see the second season come to Netflix even if the license for the anime is renewed. The relationship between Viz Media and Crunchyroll remains extremely strong, and until the third season of One Punch Man is released expect to see Crunchyroll as the exclusive home for the anime.

However, it must be noted that FUNimation may also receive the second season of One Punch Man as Crunchyroll was recently bought by Sony, also own FUNimation.

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