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Netflix Original Movie Titled ‘Sweet Girl’ To Hit The Platform In August 2021

Jason Momoa will be seen in his debut Netflix Original movie in August 2021.

Sweet Girl is an upcoming Netflix action/thriller. Here’s all the important information that you should be aware of if you’re interested to watch the movie.

Director, Producer And Writer

Sweet Girl is a Netflix Original movie with super thrilling action in the scenes. Seeet Goril is directed by first-time director Brian Andrew Mendoza. This will be his directing debut as well.

Brad Peyton, who is a regular collaborator with action star Dwayne Johnson, is best known for his work on major budget productions but is working as an executive producer for Sweet Girl.

The production team is taken care of by ASAP Entertainment and Pride of Gypsies.

The script writer of the upcoming movie are the team of Philip Eisner, Gregg Hurwitz, and Will Staples.

Release Date

With the release of the trailer, it has been official that Sweet Girl arrives on Netflix on Friday, August 20, 2021.

Sweet Girl will be available for international streaming on Netflix.

Storyline And Cast

Frustrated with the loss of his wife, Cooper promises to bring justice to the death of his wife by getting the killers punished. During this course he will also be seen protecting the only surviving family member, his daughter Rachel.

The project will mark the first Netflix Original movie by Aquaman actor Jason Momoa, but the second in total.

The actor had previously starred in the Canadian series Frontier, which was licensed on Netflix outside Canada.

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