Netflix Making Movie On Viral Thanksgiving Text From Grandma To Stranger

Netflix Making Movie On Viral Thanksgiving Text From Grandma To Stranger

A new Netflix Original film is in the works, based on the sweet viral story of a grandmother who welcomed a stranger to Thanksgiving dinner by accident. Wanda Dench, an Arizona native, sent a text to 17-year-old Jamal Hinton in 2016, assuming it was her grandson’s number, inviting him to Thanksgiving. Hinton ended up attending Dench’s holiday dinner and has since continued to do so every year.

Hinton’s own family has been invited to the traditional Thanksgiving lunch in recent years. After Dench’s spouse of more than 40 years died from complications caused by the COVID-19 virus in November 2020; the group continued to celebrate. Hinton and Dench are sure to send a photo and update from their now-annual event to the hundreds of individuals; who have followed the tale since 2016.

According to Variety, Netflix is releasing The Thanksgiving Text; a film based on a touching viral story. Abdul Williams will pen the script for the film. Hinton and Dench will also collaborate on the film The Thanksgiving Text; which Hinton announced on Twitter lately. Take a look at his tweet below:

While Christmas and Halloween films frequently feature joyful family films or horror classics; Thanksgiving films have always been more subtle in their depictions of the November holiday. Needless to say, there aren’t many universally beloved Thanksgiving flicks. Thanksgiving movies are more difficult to categorise; but it’s oftentimes more about the ritual of viewing a festive film than the subject matter.

It will most likely be a lovely story for families to see together.

It’s not always the best time to start viewing Christmas movies. It could also just be about tradition and a pleasant way to spend time with family after a full meal. Planes, Trains, and Automobiles, Rocky, and Lady Bird are all good Thanksgiving movies. Netflix, on the other hand, is taking an unusual approach to developing a holiday film by basing it on a simple social media post that has won the hearts of millions.

It’s not every day that a witty tweet about a blunder with a phone number results in a Netflix movie contract. The Thanksgiving Text’s plot, on the other hand, is quite pure; and it will most likely be a lovely story for families to see together.

Consider the craze of Tiger King for an example of Netflix’s ability to locate odd ideas and turn them into real-life programming. The Thanksgiving Text also allows Netflix to share a real-life feel-good tale with its customers; which is guaranteed to appeal to a large audience.

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