Netflix Files Lawsuit Against Barlow & Bear For Creating Unofficial Bridgerton Musical

Abigail Barlow & Emily Bear, the songwriters of the unofficial Bridgerton Musical got sued by Netflix for copyright infringement. Let’s find out what exactly happened.

Netflix took this step after the duo performed a live sold-out show at the Kennedy Center in New York City. The complaint was filed against them just a few days after this show. The duo has also won a Grammy Award this year for their musical and also it was at the top of iTunes US charts.

The reason behind why this duo became that famous was when “Bridgerton” the fan-favorite show debuted in the year 2020. They started creating music related to the series and posting it on Tik Tok. Soon they gained a lot of popularity, and they keep on creating more music related to it as per fans’ demand.

In an interview with Entertainment, Weekly Netflix said, Netflix is a supporter of “fan-generated content” but this duo has created different revenue platforms for them through this without even asking for formal permission to use it. Also, they tried to talk to them about the same but the creators won’t cooperate. The cast and crew have made Bridgerton with so much love and they will take action to protect its rights.

It was also known that the creators have misguided the audience that they do have official permission to use the Bridgerton trademark, but in reality, they didn’t.

The lawsuit reads, ” Netflix has never given Barlow & Bear permission to create or perform ‘The Unofficial Bridgerton Musical’ live, let alone at the Kennedy Center or Royal Albert Hall, or to create new derivative works based on the Bridgerton Intellectual property.”

Barlow & Bear had also sold the unofficial Bridgerton Merchandise after their Kennedy Concert and Online. In an Entertainment Weekly statement, Netflix said, ” This property was created by Julia Quinn and brought to life on screen through the hard work of countless individuals. Just as Barlow & Bear would not allow others to appropriate their IP profit, Netflix cannot stand by and allow Barlow & Bear to do the same with Bridgerton.”

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