Netflix Cancels Archive 81, Fans Feel Streamer Always Ends Good Shows

Netflix Cancels Archive 81, Fans Feel Streamer Always Ends Good Shows

Netflix is known for canceling shows and it is not news to subscribers that the streamer does this. However, sometimes the streaming giant cancels shows that have already made a place in viewers’ hearts and minds. Archive 81 is one such show that has unfortunately been canceled.

The series was executive produced by horror legends James Wan, Paul Harris Boardman, and Rebecca Thomas. It was largely based on a horror podcast made by Daniel Powell and Marc Sollinger.

After bizarre events that unravel as an archivist attempts to repair a documentary filmmaker’s videotapes, the eight-parter launched on Netflix in January and quickly found its way into the Top 10 rankings, even reaching the No.1 slot for a brief moment before being displaced by ‘Ozark.’

Unfortunately, the second season of ‘Archive 81’ has not been renewed. What is the cause of the cancellation? What do fans think of the change? Continue reading to find out!

Although Netflix’s decision to cancel the show has come as a surprise, it is not news that the streaming service is harsh when it comes to numbers. So regardless of whether the series topped the charts, chances of Archive 81 not meeting expectations in terms of viewership to budget ratio are possible.

‘Archive 81’ has a Tomatometer rating of 86 percent, with critics agreeing that the series is “an interesting combination of horror and noir.” The series earned “generally acceptable reviews,” according to Metacritic, which gave it a score of 73 out of 100 and a user score of 6.8.

‘Archive 81,’ according to Brian Tallerico of, is “the kind of show that pulls people in,” lauding its execution despite having some difficulties with the script, while Daniel Fienberg of The Hollywood Reporter deemed the series to be “built pretty well.”

Fans of ‘Archive 81’ had a lot to say about the show’s cancellation. “@netflix I just caught wind that you cancelled #Archive81! Another one and done on a cliffhanger! I’m so done investing in your new shows and sick of watching you cancel great ones and keeping terrible ones! I’m on the verge of cancelling my subscription as what’s the point. Ugh!,” a distraught fan tweeted.

“REALLY @netflix??? YOU ALWAYS CANCEL GOOD SHOWS!!!! #Archive81,” a fan shared. Another seconded, tweeting “Of course @netflix cancels #Archive81 … it was an amazing show but, I’m not surprised.. stop canceling good series after their first season!!!!”.


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