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NELK Boys To Launch Their Own Full Send NFT Collection

The NELK Boys are famous for their prank and lifestyle videos on YouTube. The content collective has amassed a huge number of subscribers on their channel and they also have massive fan following on their social media individually. And now, the content collective is diving into the world of NFTs with the ‘Full Send NFT’ collection!

As the whole Non-Fungible Tokens craze grow in magnitude, NELK Boys have decided to come up with their own project in the space. In their latest video, they announced the Full Send NFT collection that has the potential to entirely change the NFT space, according to one of the NELK Boys.

Full Send NFT Discord

The content collective earns $70 million from their Full Send merch alone so getting into NFTs is definitely not just for the greed of money for them. The NELK Boys have promised that their NFT offering is going to have real-world utility and will not be drawings of monkeys or other animals, like the ones that are in vogue at the moment.

The NELK Boys have also launched a discord server (Full Send NFT Discord) that has over 122,000 members in it already.

‘Its Not Stupid Animals’

“We’ve been working on it for months,” Kyle announced in a video yesterday talking about the Full Send NFT.

“It’s not stupid animals. … This is like a real thing. I think we’re really about to change the entire NFT space.”

The main members of Nelk are Kyle Forgeard, who founded the group; Stephen “SteveWillDoIt” Deleonardis, who is also the chief executive of SteveWillDoIt LLC; Salim “Salami” Sirur, from San Francisco, California; Lucas Gasparini; and Arthur “Jimmy Gambles” Kulik.

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