NELK Boys Full Send NFT Discord Server Hacked And Fans Get Scammed

The NELK Boys are one of the most popular YouTube content creator groups on the planet. With the rise in the popularity of NFTs and blockchain, more and more social media influencers have jumped on the bandwagon. NELK Boys were no different!

The content creator group announced their own NFT project called Full Send Metacard NFT last week. There was a lot of hype and craze surrounding the announcement. But now, things have taken a turn for the worse.

Discord Server

The Nelk Boys are surrounded in a bubble of criticism, backlash, and doubts after the Discord server of Full Send Metacard NFT was hacked and people lost their money and NFTs.

The NELK Boys have taken note of the situation and have already mitigated the risk of the hack but it is too late now since the damage has already been inflicted. Many fans are complaining that they clicked on the ‘scam link’ which was sent in the Discord server and their wallets have been wiped out.

Kyle, the founder of NELK boys took to his Twitter handle and warned all the fans not to click any links when the Discord was hacked.

Comments under the tweet are sharing their experiences of losing a lot of money and their NFTs.

One user wrote “I clicked the link and they rinsed my metamask wallet” while another said “They could have taken a lot more. We got lucky. They could have put could in and once you connected your meta mask account they could have drained it but they didn’t. We got lucky.”

The official Full Send Metacard Twitter handle posted the following few hours after the hack: “Working on fixing the Discord. We will make sure anyone effected by it is taken care of. No man down ever.”

Nelk Boys have also promised that they will find a solution to all the damage that has been done and compensate everyone who had been ‘screwed’ today.

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