Neeraj Rathore- Journey From A Manager In A Bus Company To A Successful Digital Marketer News

Neeraj Rathore- Journey From A Manager In A Bus Company To A Successful Digital Marketer

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Time icon May 6, 2020

Technology is evolving every day and so is digital marketing with it. Traditional marketing is almost forgotten since everything revolves around social media and the internet in general. Almost everyone is an Internet user nowadays. Social Media is a part of everything we do, from school to work, hobbies, and more. People also use it not just to socialize or have fun, but to buy things, which means you can easily find your targeted audience and reach a global marketplace by using digital marketing as a method to promote your business. Neeraj Rathore is one of those successful digital marketers in the industry.

Neeraj Rathore is the CEO of a digital marketing company that was founded in 2014. To give an insight into him, he is from Shivpuri, a district in the state of Madhya Pradesh. Neeraj was from a middle-class family background and always wanted to do something big. He was always struggling in his initial stages, and then he got to understand the power of digital marketing accidentally. Digital Marketing was like an instantaneous love for him, and we can say Neeraj was a digital marketer by passion, and this is one of the main reasons for his success.

We have heard this quote several times , “Dream Big, Stay Positive, Work Hard , And Enjoy The Journey.” Neeraj’s dream was big, and he worked hard for it and this helped him in making the shift from being a manager in a bus company to a successful digital marketer and as per the quote he is enjoying his present life . The journey of Neeraj was never as simple as people assume.

You heard me right in the previous paragraph, Neeraj was a manager in a bus company earning around 15-20 thousands rupees . He took his inspiration from his previous job and started working with full dedication and leading a luxurious life .Neeraj was always supported by his friends and family in his journey of digital marketing . He started his company by investing his small saved funds .

“Set your goals high and don’t stop till you get there” Neeraj’s goal is bigger than his current situation. He wanted to expand his company and want to reach every corner of the world. He is working hard for it and Neeraj is pretty sure to achieve his dreams in the upcoming years. Till then, We wish him all the best for his upcoming success.

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