NCT Fan Sparks Debate By Dumping Albums After Removing Photocards

NCT Fan Sparks Debate By Dumping Albums After Removing Photocards

After removing photocards from two boxes of the Korean boy band’s CD, an NCT fan is said to have dumped them. For NCT’s fans, the scenario has been extremely frustrating, and photographs of the incident have since gone viral on social media.

Two crates of NCT CDs were dropped on top of Myeong-City dong’s Record by an unknown person. They took down all of the photocards, tossed the plastic, and walked away. Many individuals pointed out that this move demonstrates certain fans’ feigned interest in the band. They don’t like the musicians for their talent, but rather for the craze that has developed around K-pop.

Wanna One, a South Korean boy band, had their brand new copies of Undivided left on the street near a garbage can in a similar event. Someone must have taken the photocard and left the remainder. This raises questions about whether people admire their idols for who they are on the inside rather than what they seem like on the outside. People were also concerned about the environmental impact of these plastic records being abandoned on the side of the road, despite the fact that many K-pop bands and individual artists have raised awareness about the issue.

The majority of albums and CDs include exclusive visual content, such as album images and posters, that are not widely available elsewhere. This results in mass-purchasing, which is not only a waste of money and product; but also has significant environmental consequences.

The situation drew a lot of attention from fans and the broader public. Others focused on the environmental effects of the same, while some emphasised how disrespectful the behaviour was:

Similar to lottery tickets, mass purchasing has become a craze. This type of purchase increases the chances of fans encountering their heroes. The albums also include high-resolution photos that enthusiasts may add to their collections. Some of the rarer ones can then be sold at a higher price in the future.

NCT is a South Korean boy band created in 2016 by SM Entertainment, a South Korean entertainment conglomerate. As of April 2021, the group has 23 members, ranging in age from late teens to mid-twenties; grouped into four sub-units.

Neo Cultural Technology (NCT) has received numerous accolades; including the Mnet Asian Music Award for Best New Asian Artist – Group (2017); the Mnet Asian Music Award for Worldwide Fan’s Choice Top 10 (2020); the Mnet Asian Music Award for Favorite Male Group (2020), and the Global Disc Award Album Division (2021).

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