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Naseeruddin Shah Hospitalized With Pneumonia After Patch Was Found In His Lungs

Naseeruddin Shah was rushed to hospital and had been admitted there for pneumonia. The Bollywood veteran’s manager said to the media that he was responding well and is on path to recovery.

Actor Naseeruddin Shah was hospitalized for pneumonia after a patch was found inside his lungs.

Under Medical Supervision

Naseeruddin Shah has been kept under medical supervision for two days. He needed to be hospitalized as soon as a lump was found in his lungs. His wife Ratna Pathak Shah and his children are with him.

A leading newspaper quoted his agent as saying, “He has been in hospital for two days. He is being treated. He has been diagnosed with pneumonia. A patch in his lungs was found and he had to be hospitalized immediately.

Ill Health Rumors

Last year, Naseer’s son Vivaan Shah was forced to dispel rumors about his father’s illness.

Vivaan tweeted on April 30, 2020, “All well everyone! Baba’s just fine. All the rumours about his health are fake. He’s keeping well. Praying for Irfan Bhai and Chintu ji. Missing them a lot. Deepest condolences to their families. Our hearts go out to all of them. It’s a devastating loss for all of us.”

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