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NASA is all-in for Tom Cruise to film his next in space!

It’s safe to say that Tom Cruise doesn’t get his adrenaline rush from just a simple gym workout or boxing session. Known for his dangerous stunts, It must come to an as little surprise to his fans that the Mission Impossible star would go as far as filming his next blockbuster in zero gravity! 

Described as the “ first narrative feature film to be shot in outer space”, Cruise will be reuniting with Edge of Tomorrow director, Doug Liman, who has the first draft of a script ready and will be behind the direction as well as the production of the space movie along with Cruise. 

Cruise who is collaborating with Elon Musk’s aerospace manufacturing company, SpaceX is filming his next, yet-to-be-titled film, with NASA at the International space station, which is supposed, a multibillion-dollar laboratory that orbits about 250 miles above Earth. NASA Administrator James Bridenstine echoed his agreement saying that they would love to have Tom Cruise aboard for filming in the International Space Station as they are hoping to inspire a new generation of explorers.

Tesla CEO, Musk, whose SpaceX company is collaborating with Nasa to stage USA’s first manned space launch since 2011, confirmed his involvement in the project by replying to Bridenstine: “Should be a lot of fun!” Musk added, “Get the kids fired up about it!, Get them to want that space suit and want to go into orbit and go to the moon and go to Mars. We’re reigniting the dream of space. Anyone who has within them the spirit of exploration should love what’s going on today.”

Further details regarding the film are yet to be revealed.

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