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Nach Baliye Couple Avinash Sachdev And Palak Purswani In A Rough Phase Of Their Relationship

Avinash Sachdev has finally opened up and gotten candid about the rumors of his break-up with girlfriend and actress Palak Purswani. He reveals why the two have been on bad terms lately and what their relationship would look like going ahead.

Palak and Avinash came to know about each other at a party in 2018. This was the beginning of their strong friendship which later became love and the two were now a couple.

Making Their Relation Formal

The couple also actively took part in the dance reality show Nach Baliye Season 9 to make their relationship public.

Vishal and Palak later went on to make their relationship formal by holding a Roka event with their family and friends present. But a few weeks ago, there were rumors of the duo calling it over.

What Did Avinash Say?

Avinash Sachdev, in talks with an entertainment tabloid revealed that their relationship is experiencing a rough phase but they have not ended it completely. He also mentioned that their relationship was in jeopardy because of trust problems between them.

They both decided to take a pause and then sort the misunderstandings that have brewed in their beautiful love life. The reason for this development in the relationship was being under lock down and not having the time to be with each other. This led to the split.

Have They Broken Up?

Currently, both the TV personalities are living with their parents and the distance between them has grown. Like all lovers, they have some misunderstandings but have never decided to rush and call it over.

Palak and Avinash have never decided to separate as their families may be torn apart. They also opened up a restaurant together that could be seriosuly affected when their relationship ends. So for now both of them have decided to give each other space and leave everything else for a while.

To put it in short, both of them have chances of reconciling in the future but for now things seem rough and bitter from both ends as they need their individual spaces.

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