Music Industry Icon Charlie Walk Featured in Jessica Simpsons Best Selling Book

Fans do not entirely know the background story of their favorite musicians. The pressure to succeed is real, often preventing them from experiencing normality and expressing their emotions. Jessica Simpson is a perfect example of an artist who has gone through struggles before reaching the stardom status. In her memoir titled “Open Book”, she shares several experiences that defined her existence and consistent growth as creative. Aside from mentioning prominent personalities such as Celine Dion, who gave her the necessary support when she was dealing with a divorce situation. She acknowledged the influence of Charlie Walk, a music executive who championed her efforts as a female artist.

Charlie Walk is a music industry icon and mentor who has been recognized in the Billboard’s Power 100 list through the course of his thirty-year career. He initially worked with Columbia Records before joining Epic Records, then rehabilitated Republic Records into a world class powerhouse. Charlie now own’s an entertainment company called Music Mastery. In all of these places, he has been pivotal in guiding talent in early stage development to realize their full potential on a mass scale. Few people know the initial interactions that Charlie Walk had with Jessica Simpson. The facts were simple. He was a specialist in marketing and promoting female artists.  His experience in supporting female artists span the course of his illustrious career. His powerful artist collaborative list includes Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, Ariana Grande, Shakira, Demi Lovato, Hailee Steinfeld, Camila Cabello, Mariah Carey, Jessie J, Julia Michaels, Sofia Carson and so on.

Jessica Simpson was having relationship problems with her ex, Nick Lachey. It was hard for her to control the emotional distraught and often called Charlie Walk to let him know how bad she felt. Charlie’s  influence on her came at the right time when she needed a source of motivation to rejuvenate her music career. Walk knew that he could not do much to alleviate her stress, but he knew he could use his unique marketing skills to help her career, despite these looming challenges. He strived to pick songs with her and worked on marketing strategies that would reinstate he career status as a global superstar. .

According to Simpson, “Charlie Walk was my first hero at Columbia. He believed in me before I even got to meet the rest of the company.” When Walk moved to Epic Records, she had no other option but to follow suit and continue the professional engagement. In her memoir, she acknowledges that she “could not think of anyone else to present her new music to the world other than Charlie Walk.” As Charlie was then President of Epic Records, it was the perfect place for her to begin a new journey amid the personal issues that she was experiencing.

Unlike other music executives, Charlie Walk believes in building the brand image of his clients. He always reiterates the importance of maintaining a resolute reputation to the world regardless of any troubles that a client is experiencing. These are philosophies he sustained when dealing with Simpson. Walk helped fixed her damaged brand, to reflect more than just music. With his guidance and mentorship, he gave her the lift-off that enabled her to become a 100 million dollar a year plus business in the world of fashion.

Jessica Simpson’s memoir reveals intricate personal details about a period that greatly defined her existence as an individual and celebrity. She attributes some of her success stories to a man who ‘believed in her when other people had given up’ on her talent. Regardless of the challenges, she found hope from the least expected source: Charlie Walk.