MrBeast is praised by Joe Rogan for his “smart” YouTube success

Jimmy ‘MrBeast’ Donaldson is a well-known YouTube personality.

For his ambitious, big-budget videos, high-stakes challenges, and large philanthropic projects, the North Carolina native has gone viral.

MrBeast recently smashed YouTube records by gaining over 200 million views in a single month with his rendition of Netflix’s Squid Game, winning praise from the show’s creator, Hwang Dong-Hyuk.

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Joe Rogan, who brought up the topic of influencers and the changing climes of entertainment via the online space during a January 11 episode of the JRE podcast, is now applauding him.

MrBeast’s success on YouTube has been praised by Joe Rogan.

MrBeast has opened his own restaurant, MrBeast Burger, as an example of the success that internet artists are having in the digital age, according to guest Tim Dillon.

Rogan responded, “MrBeast deserves a burger.” “He puts on a fantastic show.” It’s a fantastic show! He puts on a fantastic show. It’s a wise move on his part. He wastes a lot of cash on his show.”

“Those are the new stars,” he added, “in terms of, he would have been a reality TV star like, ten years ago.” “Now he’s a YouTube sensation, but he’s also his own f**king boss, and he’s doing things the correct way, which is why his channel is so popular.”

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MrBeast may not be a TV host just yet, but vlogger David Dobrik recently received his own show on Discovery+, which documents the criminal he and his friends get up to as they travel around the world.

With the success of his Squid Game and TeamSeas enterprises, MrBeast has announced bigger projects in the works, and has even achieved the title of fastest-growing YouTube channel in 2021.

Given that Donaldson has previously appeared on Logan Paul’s IMPAULSIVE podcast, fans are keeping their ears open to see if he appears on the Joe Rogan Experience following the host’s recent comments.

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