MrBeast Gains 5 Million Subscribers In 5 Days After Squid Game Recreation Video

The YouTube sensation MrBeast has taken the online world by a storm with his latest Squid Game recreation video on YouTube. MrBeast is well-known for his viral giveaway and philanthropy videos. His videos regularly rake in millions of videos but this time, MrBeast has done something beyond insane.

The YouTuber has amassed 5 million subscribers on his main YouTube channel in less than a week! This milestone has never been achieved by any individual YouTuber in the history of the platform!

‘Squid Game Video Was NUTS’

After the release of MrBeast’s Squid Game recreation video, fellow YouTubers and influencers reacted to the video as well.

British YouTube KSI said “Yeah, that MrBeast Squid Game video was NUTS”.

LazarBeam took to his Twitter and announced his retirement after MrBeast’s highly successful Squid Game recreation. Here is what he said: “I am announcing my retirement from YouTube because MrBeast just shits on everyone whats the point of even uploading”

The winner of MrBeast Squid Game got to take away $456,000 home and the recreation also produced some successful breakout stars, such as Player #067 whose Instagram followers bwent up from 7,000 to over 120,000 in a matter of days.

Over 130 Million Views

The original recreation video of MrBeast sits at more than 130 million views. When the video was released, MrBeast had 77 million subscribers. And today, the subscriber count on the channel is over 82.5 million!

MrBeast reacted to the incredible milestone on YouTube but it;s not something that one would expect.

After a Twitter user posted the stats saying:

“Remember when Jake Paul said 5 mil on Youtube in 6 months? @MrBeast just did that in 5 DAYS!!!! NEVER DONE BEFORE!!!!”, MrBeast took to the comments section to react. The YouTuber commented ‘Lol’.

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