MrBeast Chocolate Bar: How To Buy, Taste Review, Price, and Giveaway

Viral YouTuber MrBeast has launched his food snacks company Feastables and the first project that has been revealed is the MrBeast Chocolate Bar. The YouTuber already runs a successful Burger chain by the name of MrBeast Burger. Jumping into the consumer-products industry, MrBeast aims to bring healthy and gluten-free products to the masses.

If you’re wondering where to buy the MrBeast Chocolate Bar, how it tastes like, and what is the price range, and details about Feastables giveaway, then you have come at the right place.

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    Flavors and Ingredients

    MrBeast says that “Feastables is on a mission to change the way you snack”. This is whythey have created delicious snacks including ingredients that ‘you can trust’.

    The MrBeast Bar comes in three flavors, namely:

    • Original Chocolate
    • Almond Chocolate, and
    • Quinoa Crunch Chocolate.

    In his latest video, MrBeast revealed that only gluten-free, organic, and 100% plant-based ingredients are used in the chocolate bar. Brownie points for ingredient names that are easy to pronounce!

    How To Buy MrBeast Chocolate Bar?

    The easiest way to buy the MrBeast Bar by Feastables is via the official website of the brand (www.feastables.com).

    The Feastables website describes the chocolate bar as: an effort “focusing on incredible quality and carefully sourced ingredients – blended to make a smooth, rich and delicious chocolate snack”.

    As a second option, you can also buy the MrBeast Bar from Walmart. And last, you can place an order exclusively with the instant delivery company Gopuff to get a delivery of MrBeast Chocolate Bars in as little as 15-20 minutes.

    Price of the MrBeast Bar

    The MrBeast Chocolate Bar is reasonably priced. Starting at $2.98, one can get a individual bar chocolate. However, there are some other varieties such as chocolate boxes, bundles, or combos that can reach up to $49.99 in price.

    The pricing is competitive and will certainly take on some of the big brand names of the industry. For instance: Hershey

    MrBeast has also onboarded Jim Murray on his team who is a pioneer in the snacking industry and former President of RxBar. Jim will be leading the Feastable brand’s company strategy.

    Taste Review

    According to Mashable writer Tim Marcin, the chocolate bars {specifically the Quinoa Crunch Chocolate] have great texture and tasted something like a thinner, snappier, darker Crunch Bar. He also said that in comparison to Hershey, MrBeast Chocolate Bar is darker, richer, and snappier.

    Feastables Giveaway Details

    To kick start his Feastables brand, Mr Beast has announced a lot of exciting benefits to the fans. This includes $1 million in prizes such as Teslas, Sea Doos, Super73 electric bikes, Artesian Builds gaming computers, Turtle Beach gaming bundles, Beats by Dre earbuds, a lifetime of chocolate, cash prizes, MrBeast merch, and more.

    On the official website, it reads “the more chocolate you devour, the better your chances of winning. MrBeast is basically paying you to east chocolate which is the best job ever.”

    Also, going completely Willy Wonka style, the YouTuber also announced ten super lucky winners of the ‘Mystery Ticket’ who he will be flying out to the chocolate factory to compete for prizes for a YouTube video.

    Wondering how to enter the Feastable giveaway? Watch MrBeast explain it himself:

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1.) Who is eligible to win the giveaway prizes?

    Ans.) As per the official Feastable website, only legal residents of the United States of America who are above 13 years of age are eligible.

    2.) Does MrBeast Bar (Feastable) ship internationally?

    Ans.) No, currently they are shipping only within the US.

    3.) Is the shipping free?

    Ans.) Orders over $49 ship free.

    4.) Can I get a custom box of MeBeasr Chocolates?

    Ans.) Unfortunately, not at the moment.

    5.) What are the prices of MrBeast Bar>?

    Ans.) Ranges from $3 to $50.

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