Mr Beast Burger will accept Dogecoin if Elon Musk Retweets their Post

MrBeast Burger, an American delivery and fast-food restaurant chain founded by American YouTube billionaire Jimmy Donaldson (MrBeast) with over 1,000 locations in North America and Europe, recently posted an offer to accept Dogecoin as a payment method on the simple condition that Tesla CEO Elon Musk retweets their post. MrBeast Burger has average monthly sales of $11.67 million and annual sales of $120.67 million in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

This tweet can also be viewed as purely a marketing stunt by MrBeast Burger. This is due to the fact that MrBeast Burger today has only 135.7K Twitter followers, but Elon Musk is the most influencial person on the planet, with over 71 million followers. If Elon Musk tweets about MrBeast Burger, the food chain will gain a lot of attention and help them gain followers, also increasing Dogecoin’s value.

Elon Musk has yet to respond to the tweet as of 27 Jan. He predicts that the price of the meme coin will be extremely volatile. The remark comes after Elon Musk offered a proposal of accepting Dogecoin to McDonald’s on Tuesday. In a tweet, he stated that if McDonald’s started accepting DOGE as a form of payment, he would eat a Happy Meal while watching TV.

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McDonald later countered Elon’s tweet by saying that they would only do so if Tesla started accepting GrimaceCoin. A picture of a purple coin with Grimace’s face on it accompanied the message. Several new coins bearing the same name as the one highlighted by McDonald’s in its tweet have been struck in the last day. One of the bogus GrimaceCoins surged as much as 285,641% in a matter of hours as opportunistic individuals grabbed at the possibility to profit in a sluggish crypto market.

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