Moses Hacmon Responds To Cheating Allegations On Trisha Paytas

Trisha Paytas and Moses Hacmon may have to put a stop to their upcoming wedding as cheating allegations against Moses have surfaced online. Both of them have grown to become Youtube’s favourite couple and their videos get millions of views.

Their fans love their relationship and have seen Trisha’s popular mukbang videos. The couple had announced they will tie the knot soon after their proposal. The two were dressed as Aladdin and Jasmine during the proposal. However, the cheating rumours surfacing online are now questioning the future of the couple.

The user @ms.mercury recently took to social media and accused Moses of cheating on her with Trisha. She was answering questions about him and many questions were related to Trisha-Moses. The user profile was flooded with questions related to them and many asked her if Moses is using Tricia.

Mercury replied, “Lol never forget #Tricia. And you tell me.. Someone living in Inglewood now lives in a mansion and all he had to do was betray everyone he loved.” The user also added that Moses had not told her about her previous marriage. Mercury further said that they barely found out he was married when a gossip account filled them in.

The user continued to drag Moses online and then a picture of the influencer with another woman surfaced online. This was taken a few months ago and news of Moses cheating on Trisha started circulating on the internet.

However, he took to Twitter to defend himself and responded to a question about the alleged cheating rumours. He said that the picture was with one of his best friends that are invited to the wedding as well. The influencer shared that they are making up lies in an attempt to upset them. He added that they are losing credibility every day.

Trisha had recently taken to social media and shared that they are on an “ovulation vacation” with Moses.


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