Moses Hacmon Makes Shocking Revelation About Hila & Ethan Klein News

Moses Hacmon Makes Shocking Revelation About Hila & Ethan Klein

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Time icon August 25, 2021

Moses Hacmon is the brother of Hila Klein and the fiance of Trisha Paytas. He has come forward to talk about his sister and brother-in-law, who are no longer following him.

The personality is the eldest of the Hacmon siblings and he was introduced to Trisha via a dating segment on the H3 podcast. He has popped the question to Trisha and sided with them after the Frenemies podcast falls out. As per Ethan, Moses had stopped contacting his sister before they unfollowed each other.

This came before Ethan’s mother, Donna shared a message where she expressed her concern at the possibility of a miscarriage because of the feud. But Moses has now come ahead to state otherwise. He took to his social media in a series of tweets and explained that both Hila and Ethan blocked him.

The personality also responded to a tweet that claimed that the Kleins were weaponizing their fanbase against Moses and Trisha. He claimed that he never dated anyone to spite his family. Moses added that his family loves Trisha and are happy for them.

The artist further addressed the ongoing drama between his brother-in-law and his fiance on Twitter. Moses responded to a user’s theory as to why Trisha alienated him from his sister. He clarified that he did not unfollow but they blocked him. The artist said he is not that petty.

Moses further blamed the H3 subreddit for “weaponizing” comments that Ethan and Hila had previously made. He urged users to go back to H3 archives that include videos about him without his consent. The artist said,

“It’s a shame you weren’t here when my family trashed me just for the fact that I was dating Trisha…To them I was fair game because i dated someone they looked down on.”

Moses responding to several tweets though have led people to speculate that it could be Trisha handling the account. It is still unclear as to whether Moses has officially confirmed these tweets. Other users have praised the end of contact between the two parties.

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