Mortal Kombat is HBO Max’s Most Streamed Movie of Its 2021 Day & Date Releases

Mortal Kombat is HBO Max’s Most Streamed Movie of Its 2021 Day & Date Releases

Mortal Kombat has been crowned the winner of the most-watched Warner Bros. films on HBO Max in 2021. WarnerMedia, the parent company of Warner Bros., plans to release their whole 2021 picture schedule in theatres and on HBO Max for Christmas 2020; with Wonder Woman 1984.

The move was divisive, but Warner Bros. saw it as a means to not only drive customers to their new streaming service; but also to give consumers the choice of seeing movies in a safe manner during the COVID-19 situation.

Throughout the year, Warner Bros. released a diverse range of films on HBO Max; including highly-anticipated franchise instalments like The Matrix Resurrection and The Suicide Squad; adult-skewing films like King Richard and The Many Saints of Newark; and family-friendly fare like Tom & Jerry and Space Jam: A New Legacy.

While some films, such as Godzilla versus Kong and Dune, were box office successes, others, such as In The Heights and The Suicide Squad; struggled because they were available to stream at home. With Warner Bros. and HBO Max’s experimental year in the books; the streaming stats have been tallied, and Mortal Kombat appears to be the clear winner.

Mortal Kombat had the best weekend of any Warner Bros. release on HBO Max, according to Business Insider, with a total of 3.8 million viewers out of the entire 2021 Warner Bros. slate published on HBO Max. SambaTV provided the data, which included records for all Warner Bros. films released on HBO Max in their first four days of release based on a household watching at least five minutes of the film, and the data is limited to connected-TV devices in the United States, such as Roku and gaming consoles.

Mortal Kombat being the top film on HBO Max makes sense

Godzilla versus Kong was in second place with 3.6 million in its first five days, followed by The Suicide Squad in third place with 2.8 million households and The Matrix Resurrection in fourth place with 2.8 million in its first five days. Judas and the Black Messiah received the fewest votes, with 653,000 households. However, no information on Reminiscence has been made public, which could be a lower viewed film.

Given that Mortal Kombat is an R-rated project, a large percentage of the audience may not have been able to see it in cinemas but could stream it at home, Mortal Kombat being the top film on HBO Max makes sense. Another aspect is that, like Godzilla vs. Kong, Mortal Kombat was released earlier in the year when many cinemas were closed; making streaming Mortal Kombat the only option to see it. Plus, because the vaccine’s deployment was still in its early stages; people may have felt more at ease watching the picture at home; as opposed to later movies like Dune and The Matrix Ressurection, which came out later in the year.

Mortal Kombat had an estimated budget of $55 million; and while the picture only generated $42 million in the United States, it grossed $83 million internationally. When you combine that with the HBO Max viewership numbers, Warner Bros. is likely to consider the film a success; and the franchise’s future may be on HBO Max rather than in theatres. HBO Max is aiming to produce more original films for their streaming service; and multiple Mortal Kombat films are apparently in the works, so the brand could be a good fit.

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