Mont’e Millions and His Journey to Fame and Influence through the Entertainment Industry

Finding one’s calling early in life can be the hack for the accomplishment of great things. Mont’e Millions, born Montressa L. Cunningham, was an average young boy until he chose to rise off of the roots of his musician grandfather, Elijah Cunningham, a member of a gospel quartet group from the 60s and 70s. Mont’e Millions took up music as a seven-year-old boy and began writing when he was 12. Since his full unraveling as a musician, he has thrived and established himself as a versatile artist capable of making multiple genres of music.

Mont’e Millions’ journey into music was mostly aided by his aunt, Yvonne Jackson, an internationally recognized Blues artist from the early 90s. He went professional when he was 13 and got under the wings of the Iconic Ms. Betty Wright as a protégé. He went from singing to writing songs for other artists, performing on stages nationwide and making music in the Hip-hop, gospel and Rap music scenes. He released his first EP titled My Life in 2007 under his independent record label, Life After Death Entertainment. The EP was played on 93 radio stations worldwide and sold over 150 thousand copies.

Going outside music, in a bid to grow his influence further, he went into book writing and publishing. He has written and published six books over the years titled Shattered Mirrors, Every Piece Matters!, The Best of Both Worlds, and The Best of Both Worlds Journal, My Life Story: From Rags to Riches, Shattered Mirrors – Self Help Guide, and Shattered Mirrors – Help Book Guide. He has another book in the works titled Sally based on his April 2020 number 1 country urban chart-topping song “Sally.”

His 2020 song “Sally,” which topped charts, has garnered more than 500,000 streams. His other songs, “Hundred Bands” and “Really,” have also done impressive numbers to the tune of 200,000 streams. He was awarded the 2021 Pop Smash Radio award for best pop country video. Mont’e Millions grew from a city boy living a country life into an artist going on tours, shutting down concerts and living the life he always dreamed of.

With nothing much to prove anymore, he launched a new talk show called Thisissourban and a magazine with the same name earlier this year. Being a businessman, he represents Quiet Storm Vodka as an ambassador while also holding an accredited Doctoral Degree from Jacksonville School of the Theology and Christian Seminary.

Growing through the process and carving his journey as a musician is geared towards one thing—inspiring others to dream.

“Beyond music, I have written many books to help people in various aspects of their lives. I hope to get my message across to music lovers and readers worldwide who love lessons from life experiences,” he said.

Mont’e Millions is not just another voice sending inspirational messages or influencing people to make moves. He offers strategies for empowerment and walks the talk. He intends to ignite people into their purpose globally and play a role in creating opportunities and business for as many people as possible. He made his dreams as a musician come to life, tried his hands on other things that worked out well and is now helping other people do the same in their lives, careers and professions.

Learn more about Mont’e Millions on his official website. Be sure to check out Mont’e Millions on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok.


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