'Money Heist’ Korean Remake Introduces Stealthy Cast Through Thrilling Teaser

‘Money Heist’ Korean Remake Introduces Stealthy Cast Through Thrilling Teaser

The first teaser for Netflix Korea’s South Korean version of the international smash series “Money Heist” was finally unveiled, keeping fans and viewers excited! The sneaky cast of the Korean “Money Heist” is introduced in a new video teaser.

The South Korean version of the Spanish popular series “Money Heist” brightens up the day with a gripping trailer that gives a sneak peek inside the drama.

“Money Heist: Common Economic Zone” illustrates the process of brilliant strategists and robbers with a wide range of characters whose gazes are set on conducting a hostage and heist in the Korean Peninsula.

The Professor, played by Yoo Ji Tae, appears alone in a dark room in the video teaser, which was released on the morning of January 18th.

Apart from the well-known Dali masks, which serve as a symbol of resistance in the original Spanish series, there are a number of traditional South Korean masks placed on a large white wall that catches the eye.

The Professor’s mask choice has piqued everyone’s interest. Furthermore, fans and viewers are puzzled as to what the term “Common Economic Zone” in the title refers to.

Seon Woo Jin, played by Kim Yun Jin, the leader of the National Police Agency’s Crisis Negotiation Team, appears in the next scene to confront the Professor who masterminded the hostage and heist.

The teaser introduces the hazardous gang, which consists of tactical robbers and geniuses from Berlin (Park Hae Soo), Tokyo (Jeon Jong Seo), Moscow (Lee Won Jong), Denver (Kim Ji Hoon), Nairobi (Jang Yoon Ju), Rio de Janeiro (Lee Hyun Woo), Helsinki (Kim Ji Hun), and Oslo (Kim Ji Hun) (Lee Kyu Ho).

The short video preview added to the growing excitement and expectations of fans and viewers around the world, not just in South Korea.

Watch The Teaser Below

The South Korean version of “Money Heist” will be directed by Kim Hong Sun and written by Ryu Yog Jae. It consists of 12 episodes, each lasting 60 minutes, and was created by Netflix and produced by BH Entertainment and Content Zium.

The casting was meticulously done in order to preserve the characters’ original and physical characteristics. “Money Heist: Common Economic Zone,” which has been getting a lot of excitement throughout the world, is set to premiere on Netflix in the first half of 2022.

In case you missed it, here’s a link to the intriguing teaser:

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