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Monali Thakur reveals that she has been secretly married for 3 years

Bollywood Singer Monali Thakur that she has been married to Maik Richter, a Switzerland-based restaurateur, for three years now!

This year has been full of surprises for all of us – mostly bad, only some good. However, the Bollywood singer Monali Thakur has surprised everyone with a good news.

The young singer has revealed that she has been married to a Switzerland-based restaurateur named Maik Richter for about three years now. She kept her marriage a secret because it was not a conventional wedding.  

In a recent conversation with Times Of India, she said, “The news of my marriage will come as a shock to many as none of my industry friends were aware or invited. We kept delaying the ceremony and announcement and three years just passed by.”

The singer is very well aware how upset her friends are going to be with her for keeping this news. She said, “Mujhe pata hai bahot gaali padne wali hai logon se (I know people are going be very angry with me). But I think when we have our wedding ceremony and invite people for the celebrations, they won’t be upset anymore.” Monali further added they have not yet finalized a wedding date. The couple is waiting for the situation to return to normalcy.

When asked about her husband, she revealed, “I met Maik during my trip to Switzerland and we clicked instantly. Not just him, I made a connection with his family, too. Maik proposed to me at the exact spot where we had met for the first time, under a tree, on a freezing Christmas Eve 2016. My reply was an instant yes.”

How romantic is that!

Meanwhile, Monali and Maik are in Switzerland together. The singer has recently released her new single, Dil Ka Fitoor.

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