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Mohib Mirza Talks About Bollywood And Lollywood Industry On ‘Time Out With Ahsan Khan’

Mohib Mirza is a well known, powerful actor and multi-faceted Pakistani Television personality who has recently become a film director.

He started off his career with the Showbiz industry a long time ago and today he is known all over the world for his amazing personality and amazing acting skills.

Mohib Talks About Indian Film Industry

Mohib Mirza was recently the guest on the show called “Time Out With Ahsan Khan”.

Six years ago he made the statement that artists earn more respect in India than in Pakistan.

On the show, he was asked about his previous comments regarding the Indian film and entertainment industry. Mohib praised the Bollywood industry and called them much bigger and successful than Lollywood.

He answers, ‘The reason of giving this statement was that their industry is ten thousand times larger than our industry and they have a large number of population as well, so their industry highly appreciates your effort.’

“If you continue to compare your work with them, it is clear that their artists will be well known and more recognized then,” Mohib added.

Exciting Projects Of The Actor

Most of the Pakistani drama series have followed a common pattern when it comes to their genres. Aside from a few dramas here and there, most Pakistani dramas tend to focus on the same domestic issues.

Therefore, it is always exciting news when a drama is announced promising to be something new and different.

Mohib Mirza and Sana Javed are accompanying each other as co-stars in the play ‘Neeli Zinda Hai’.

“Neeli Zinda Hai is a scary-horror-thrilling-suspense filled drama. Well, there is an expected shock instead of the supernatural. It is exciting news and this project is a challenge for us too. ”

Written by Adeel Razzaq and directed by Qasim Ali Mureed, Neeli Zinda Hai promises to be a different kind of Pakistani sports audience. The show also features Sonia Mishal alongside Mohib Mirza and Sana Javed.

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