Mizkif Mind Blown After Watching A Video Featuring Fans Of Minecraft Gamer Dream

Mizkif is one of the biggest Twitch streamers on the planet. Recently, he watched videos of Dream fans and was left mind blown after seeing the level of craziness and fandom that the fans of Dream offered.

Dream has been the breakout stars in gaming since 2020. His gameplay videos [majorly Minecraft] attracted a massive audience on YouTube and today he is one of the biggest and most popular Minecraft gamers. Dream also revealed his personal five favorite streamers recently.

The list comprises of Ludwig, xQc, Rae, Miz, Ranboo, and Tommy.

Amongst Ranboo and Tommy, his fellow Minecrafters, Dream said it was a tie and a ‘close call’ and he couldn’t choose. Hence, it was a tie between the two.

Dream-Themed Pacifier

His fans are loyal and one of the most active on the Internet. Recently, Mizkif saw some videos featuring Dream fans and he was stunned after seeing what he saw in those videos.

After watching the video of a fan who had gotten a custom Dream-themed pacifier, Mizkif just lost it. He went on a rant exlaiming:

“A Dream PACIFIER!? STOP! STOP!” Mizkif yelled, before looking away from the screen. “These are the Dream fans JSchlatt had to ban from his stream yesterday.”

After watching a few more videos of Dream fans, much to his surprise, the streamer was totally mind blown.

What Did Mizkif Say?

“I can’t tell if this is a joke or not, chat. I’ve seen a lot of bulls**t on the internet, I can’t tell anymore if that’s a joke. I can not tell. WHAT is that!?”

“Beautiful. That is sooo good. You know what’s crazy? I watched last night and his chat was garbage. A garbage typical Minecraft chat. It was GARBAGE!”

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