Mizkif Loses His Mind After Opening Amouranth's $1000 Fart Jar

Mizkif Loses His Mind After Opening Amouranth’s $1000 Fart Jar

Mizkif found the nerve to open one of Amouranth’s $1000 fart jars with his buddies after receiving a box containing five of the $1000 fart jars, nearly losing his mind in the process.

Amouranth has become more than a typical Twitch streamer as she has been making movies in the business world, purchasing convenience stores, gas stations, a plastic ball company, investing in shares, and more.

Her most recent business venture, on the other hand, is a move in a different direction. She’s charging $1,000 for jars containing hair, farts, and bathwater. People are going crazy because there are only so many of them.

Miz was able to obtain a box of them, which he unpacked live on stream. However, because he had five in total, he took the risk of cracking one open with his pals to see what it smelled like, and he didn’t regret it.

Amouranth’s fart jars are each worth $1000. “Let me explain what this is,” Miz enthusiastically remarked as his pals entered the room. “There are only one thousand of these jars. They were a thousand dollars each. There’s a hair in there, and also it’s one of her farts.”

Despite their worth, he had a wild notion in mind. “I’m going, to be honest with you. I kind of want to let one loose. What do you think chat? Should we do it? That thing is loaded up. It might explode.”

It took him a bit to generate the bravery, but thanks to his friends and chat’s support, he ultimately did. He lost his wits after letting it free — with a sarcastic tone in his voice: “That was awesome! Holy f**k. Dreams do come true.”

Miz ‘enjoyed’ it so much that he joked about being envious of her assistants’ ability to sniff it for free. “How many free hits do you think Amouranth’s assistants get? Like, that’s not fair. We’ve got to buy them all.”

It was expensive to inhale, but this is one he didn’t regret, especially since he had four others on hand for a rainy day.

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