Mira Rajput discloses Shahid Kapoor’s DM to her: ‘Look who’s curious…’

Mira Rajput, Shahid Kapoor’s wife, shared a screenshot of a direct message he sent her. He sent her an Instagram Reels with a skincare product and the caption, “Find out what this is.”

Mira surprised Shahid by revealing the message on Instagram Stories, writing, “Look who’s curious about skincare. #realinfluence.” She finished with a crazy emoji.

Mira Rajput gave a sneak peek of her Instagram conversation with Shahid Kapoor with her followers.

Mira Rajput shared with fans a glimpse of her Instagram chat with Shahid Kapoor.

Meera Tips And Tricks

On her Instagram feed, Mira frequently shares tips and methods for bright skin and healthy hair. She released a ‘DIY skincare’ video in January that featured natural components such as ‘spices, things you find in the cabinet, in the fridge.’ “I’ve been making these blends of all kinds of stuff in the kitchen since I was 14, and I think that’s what implanted this love for skincare and holistic beauty in me,” she explained. She also gives her followers advice for tried-and-true products.

Shahid and Mira frequently appear in one another’s Instagram posts. She became his muse and posed for a photoshoot earlier this month. “This is a post on how much I appreciate my husband. She captioned her post, “Clicks great photos.” He commented,  “She so pretty… why haaaaan.”

Shahid and Mira married in a private ceremony in Gurugram in 2015 after meeting through an arranged marriage. Misha, their five-year-old daughter, and Zain, their two-year-old son, are their children.


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