Minecraft YouTuber GeorgeNotFound Hits 10 Million Subscribers On The Platform

Minecraft is a popular block-based survival game that has been popular on YouTube for ages, However, there was a time when Minecraft lost its relevance on the platform.

But with the rise of YouTubers like Dream, TommyInnit, and others, Minecraft rose back to prominence on YouTube. One popular Minecraft YouTuber amongst the pack is GeorgeNotFound.

GeorgeNotFound Rise To Fame

GeorgeNotFound rose to fame when he participated in the famous Dream SMP Server which is a Minecraft survival server that has many YouTubers and Twitch streamers as participants.

Fans of GeorgeNotFound have been rooting for him to hit 10 million subscribers before the end of 2021 and now that he has hit the milestone, the fans are more delighted than ever.

Fan Reactions

One user wrote on Twitter “if george doesnt hit 10 mil by the end of the year im gonna make it everyones problem” while another congratulated GerogeNotFound and said “GEORGE HIT 10 MIL SUBS ON YOUTUBE !! :] WOOOOOOOOOO”.


Overall, Twitter has been flooded with well wishes from his supporters who congratulated him on hitting such a huge number, sharing fan art, heartfelt messages, and some of their favorite clips from George over the past couple of years.

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