Miles Bridges On Michael Jordan's Impact As A Team Owner

Miles Bridges On Michael Jordan’s Impact As A Team Owner

Michael Jordan. Whenever you hear that name, all the basketball moments he had on the court comes rushing into our minds. His accolades and his winnings are a testament of his greatness. It is with no doubt that he is the most influential sportsman in NBA history.

As a player, Michael Jordan’s greatness cannot be denied. However, he was thought to be a guy who was really hard on his team mates. Winning at any cost was in Jordan’s mind and it was evident that he wanted his team to have the kind of discipline that he had for the game. The result was two 3-peats in a row.

Under Michel Jordan’s ownership

His status as a team owner is a completely different matter. In March 2010, Jordan became the majority owner of the Charlotte Hornets (then Charlotte Bobcats). The decisions he made after that were questionable to say the least.

The Hornets were a terrible team as the picks they had drafted turned out to be a bust majority of the time. Kemba Walker was a superstar who was the only bright spot in the team for the entire 2010’s. Jordan’s ability as a competent owner was put to question as the Hornets reached the playoffs just twice since he bought the team.

In the past 2 years, the team environment changed, as some good players started joining the Horntes. Terry Rozier from the Celtics, Miles Bridges from the 2018 draft have become key contributors to the team. The drafting of LaMelo Ball was the best move Jordan pulled off.

Miles Bridges comments on Michael Jordan

Ever since then, the team started winning more games and Jordan became complacent to his players. He has been guiding his team as a mentor, helping them and advising them when they needed it. In a podcast with Draymond Green, Miles Bridges praised the legend for his valuable help.

“Oh nah he’s connected. I got MJ’s number. I text him whenever we in a rough stretch and see what he would do in a situation or I text him about a game and he texts right back. As soon as I text him, I give it 5 minutes and he will text me back.”

He continued, “Before All-Star break, he came in and ripped our a**. We got beat at home by Orlando. He’s very attuned with us. It’s nice having the GOAT just being there for you at all times, being connected, and just being able to rely on him and have resources like that.”

The Hornets have become an exciting team to watch this season. The duo of Ball and Bridges captivate the crowd and a winning culture is being brought to the team. Jordan might have taken some time but he always has an impact on his team, whether as a player or as an owner.

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