Mike Tyson Turns Down Rumored $50 Million Offer To Fight Jake Paul

Mike Tyson, one of the greatest Boxers alive spurred back into action in the boxing ring in 2020 with an exhibition bout. His 2020 exhibition fight was his first fight in 15 years but Mike Tyson didn’t seem to have gotten rusty at all. Due to this, the crowd expected Mike Tyson to get active in the fight game once again. However, the boxing veteran has some words of caution for the fans now.

Recently, the news broke out that Mike Tyson and Jake Paul have ‘verbally’ agreed to fight in Las Vegas in 2022. The mega-boxing event was reported to have $50 million on the line.

Jake Paul Vs Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson responded to the fight against Jake Paul last week but he has now completed shut down the rumors and the possibility of him ever getting back in the ring again.

Last week, taking to his official Twitter handle, Mike Tyson wrote “This is new to me. I saw Jake in St. Barths and he never mentioned it.”

And now, on the Full Send Podcast, when the topic about Mike getting back in the boxing ring was being discussed, he made it clear that “I don’t think I’d ever do stuff like that anymore.

What Did Mike Tyson Say?

“I wanted to do it the first time just to have fun. Some people took it to another level, made it financial, and then the fun went out of it.”

“I don’t want you to fight again,” UFC President Dana White added as he was sitting on the couch right next to him.

“I don’t think I will either,” Tyson replied.

With this said, the possibilities of a Jake Paul Vs Mike Tyson bout happening are close to zero. Meanwhile, Jake Paul is eyeing his next opponent as he goes into 2022 with a bang. He recently expressed his wish to travel to space with Elon Musk as he turned 25 years old.

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