Mike Tyson And Roy Jones Jr Historic Exhibition Fight Ends in ‘Draw’

Mike Tyson said he would “keep going and do more” in the boxing ring after his return to the game ended in a draw with Roy Jones Jr.

Mike Tyson’s Long Hiatus

The 54-year-old former heavyweight champion completed 15 years of staying away from the ring to take 51-year-old Jones to the pay-per-view show – but feared that these would donate some kind of money – making a farce was not fulfilled as they did enough to provide entertainment.

While rapper Snoop Dogg said it was like watching “my two uncles fight in a barbecue” while working as a ring bearer at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, former world champions including David Haye, Lennox Lewis and George Foreman expressed satisfaction.

Tyson last fought in 2005 and looked focused as he walked to the ring for his highly-anticipated return

There have been glimpses of the past when Tyson swung from the hips, plowed forward and tried to pull out the guns, while Jones wanted to move smoothly, though he appeared to be tired of the middle class.

The Thrilling Fight

Tyson grabbed a few hooks on the left, some solid bodies and no doubt forced speed. Many on social media felt that he had won well but the judges – not hired by the penal court but by the WBC to provide more entertainment – thought differently.

Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr

Tyson said he was happy with the play and made it clear that his future career would not be top notch: “This is bigger than heroism, we are people who help people, we help people. I’m glad I got this under the belt. I will continue to do more.”

Jones, a former world heavyweight champion, said he would talk to his family before considering a fight again, adding: “I don’t draw but a strong man, man. When he hits you, his head, his head punches, his body is shot, everything hurts. I’m cool with the cheating. “

‘Best Exhibition I Have Ever Seen’

Former heavyweight champion Foreman wrote on Twitter that it was “the best exhibition I’ve ever seen”, Haye said the event was “competitive” and former world super-middleweight champion Richie Woodhall said these were “not insulting in any way or situation”.

Tyson punches Jones
Tyson got himself in shape for his return and looked less fatigued than Jones as the fight progressed

What the ‘show’ would look like was controversial. The California State Athletic Commission, which authorized the fight, demanded two-minute rounds instead of the usual three minutes, larger than regular 12-ounce gloves and said no fighter would want to knock. In an effort to make the war safer for those who were given 50 items, the commission even said that the winner would not be identified.

Finally when the bell rang that Tyson was trying to fight hard, Jones looked at the survival and tied his opponent a little harder and any fears they would have of going to do a little were quickly defeated.

Music artists including Wiz Khalifa and Snoop Dogg played with the intention of adding to this payoff, and moments before hitting his ring Jones asked for a small ring to use, saying: “It’s like they fed me a bear.”

Moments before he went to the ring in his glory years ago Tyson was known for punching holes in the changing room walls. Here, he admitted that he was scared for a while before he left the ring as he said: “I’m just pushing myself. Whatever I’m afraid to do, I do.”

Fan Reactions

Jones’ power tank looked empty in the middle but Tyson – who would give the other reported $ 10m (£ 7.5m) he received from aid – appeared to be in good shape for eight rounds.

UFC President Dana White watched and said: “Time is unbeatable and we all put it down. Fighting is a young man’s game. Mike looks good tonight. I’m blown away. It’s beyond my expectations.”

Since winning the first heavyweight title at the age of 20 – a record that still exists – Tyson has been in prison for rape, anti-drug and alcohol abuse, penniless, filmmaking and presenting his one-man show.

Despite the scandals and riots it is still relevant and fans have posted pictures of the person who raises hell hoping they can see the times before the return of the long-awaited ring and are laughed at by others.

While it was popular and fun, it is hard to see how repetitive editions could prove seductive. This was all about seeing if the former 54-year-old

Tweet: Former British champion Ashley Theophane was satisfied with what the boxing legends served up

champion had anything left over.

Robin Lundberg tweets
Tweet: Former world heavyweight champion George Foreman was glowing in his praise
Like many others, Amir Khan expressed his relief neither Tyson or Jones were hurt
Tweet: Meanwhile former wrestler the Iron Sheikh feels WWE legends could profit by getting back in action

Tyson has shown that he has done it. He was in a good position, punching and threatening and it can be said that some high-profile wars have contributed little to entertainment.

Whether there was enough quality, risk and drama on offer to keep people paying to watch more is another matter.

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