Mike Conley As Another Trade Target For The Lakers To Get!

Mike Conley As Another Trade Target For The Lakers To Get!

With the Mitchell trade having created buzz in the NBA, another trade might be on the table from the Utah Jazz for completing their process to go into the rebuild. If the trade falls through then this will put the receiving team into championship contention.

Conley’s time with the Jazz

Mike Conley still has a lot to give and his ambitions of a title is not any lower than before. So of course he wouldn’t want to be stuck on a rebuilding team. This means that the Jazz would be waning something in return for the 1-time All-Star. Of course it wouldn’t be something as huge as what they got in the Mitchell or Gobert trade but they are sure to get some picks in return.

Conley put a huge effort in his days with the Jazz. After getting traded from the Memphis Grizzlies it was thought that his career would go downhill. In his 3 seasons with the Jazz, Conley put up averages of 14.6 points, 5.3 assists, 3.2 rebounds and 1.2 steals per game, making his only All-Star appearance in that period.

The case for two point guards

It seems ideal for both the Jazz and Conley to part ways. The team who has been attempting to acquire Conley as a frontrunner are the Lakers. Mainly because their objective and the fit matches perfectly well.

Conley has become a threat from beyond the arc on top of that his playmaking will become the key alongside LeBron James. The Lakers are attempting this trade also because they see this as an opportunity to get rid of Russell Westbrook from their team.

The potential of the trade is huge but will the Jazz be willing to take in Russell Westbrook in their team? In hindsight, if anything they have nothing to lose by acquiring Westbrook with the plethora of draft picks they have at their disposal. Plus a face would be required to identify the Jazz and what better way there is than taking Russell Westbrook in their squad. With the kind of media attention Westbrook is garnering, it would serve as a great media exposure.

For Conley, the Lakers’ system fits with what he wants to achieve. Plus he can play the kind of role he was with the Jazz. He can back up LeBron and Davis and also get the ball to the players. Although Conley is 34 currently, he still can be functional for at least a few years to bring them to prominence. Plus Conley can bring value in terms of defense as he is better than Westbrook in that respect.

The Lakers were in the bottom ten in respects of their offensive and defensive rating which they have worked on this off-season. They have brought some young blood who can provide sparks and to facilitate them Conley would be best suited for the role. Hopefully the trade falls through and we can witness the Lakers come back to contending for the title!

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