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Mika Singh Calls Out Kamaal R Khan Under His Home As The Two Continue Their War Of Words

Singer Mika Singh and actor turned self-proclaimed critic Kamaal R Khan aka KRK were in the middle of a war of words.

On Thursday, Mika arrived at KRK’s home and said that he was his “son” and that there was no fight or enmity between them.

What Did Mika Say?

In videos circulating on social media, Mika Singh is seen speaking to the media outside KRK’s house. He said KRK had removed the name plate from outside his house.

“Dekh bhai, main tere ghar ke bahar khada hoon yahaan pe. Chaati chaudi kar ke khada hoon. Tu jahaan kahega, wahaan mil leta hoon. Tu saari umar mera beta hi rahega. “Meri tere se koi ladai nahi hai (You see, brother, I am standing outside your house holding my head high. I am ready to meet you wherever you want. You will always be my son. I will not harm you) he said addressing to KRK through the press.

“Tere ghar ke saamne khada hoon, tune apne yeh bech diya hai. Ab tere jitne aur ghar hai, woh mat bechna kyunki meri terese dushmani nahi hai. Mere se darr mat, main tereko maarunga nahi, peetunga nahi (I’m standing outside your house but it looks like you sold it. Now please don’t sell all your other houses because I have no enmity with you). But you are my son. Tereko sabak sikhana tha, itna bada sabak nahi ki tu apna ghar bech ke chala jaaye. After all, you are my padosi (I wanted to teach you a lesson but not so big that you sell your house and leave. After all, you are my neighbor), ”he added.

The Background

Micah had previously called KRK “gadha (donkey)” and “chuha (mouse)” after allegations that he had spoken ill of Salman Khan.

KRK retaliated against Mika by calling him a ‘chirkut artist’ who was trying to make a name for himself by getting into a legal dispute with him and Salman Khan.

Salman Khan And KRK’s Legal Dispute

KRK on Tuesday posted on Twitter that he did not know at all some of the people who spoke ill of him, using the language of ‘their gawar boss (uneducated boss).’

He wrote in Hindi, “What kind of Bollywood goon are you, you have to take the support of a flop artist, a struggling and unknown model and a useless Bigg Boss competitor. You’re scared. But I now have you in my sight, I will not waver, no matter how hard you try.”

While Salman’s lawyers have filed a defamation suit against KRK for alleged corruption, KRK insisted it was in retaliation for his negative review of Salman’s latest film, Radhe: Your Most Wanted Bhai.

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