Michael Jordan risked his Ferrari in order to steal Jamal Crawford’s Mercedes

Michael Jordan is the most competitive basketball player in history. As Jamal Crawford would tell you, he was so obsessed with winning that he would place apparently insane wagers.

Jordan would utilize everything stated to him as inspiration, even if it was simply a passing remark. Memes of his ‘And I took it personally’ comment from the Last Dance have gone popular enough to show how ridiculously competitive he was.

After all, in order to be such a powerful player, you must have the character to match. Jordan dominated opponents both on and off the court.

Jordan’s competitive nature also meant that he would place bets with anyone. Bets might be placed on his golf talents, basketball skills, or even the most unexpected things. He once wagered $100,000 on a game of rock-paper-scissors.

Jordan, despite being a millionaire, isn’t making these wagers to make a few extra dollars. He’s doing things because he enjoys the excitement of winning and stealing something from someone else.

Michael Jordan and Jamal Crawford gambled on their costly vehicles

Now that you’ve learned Jordan’s betting strategies, you should have a good understanding of how far he’s prepared to go for any wager. The same was true when he opted to square up against Jamal Crawford.

Crawford established himself as a strong role player during his career. In his heyday, he possessed silky handling and a terrific jump shot that couldn’t be stopped. Crawford was a tremendous asset to any competing team, providing a valuable scoring threat off the bench.

In his first year, he also went directly to Michael Jordan, placing bets with the icon. The stakes ranged between $1,000 and $5,000. However, the GOAT was not satisfied.

“He inquired which car I’d arrived in for training, and I said, ‘In a Mercedes,’ to which he replied, ‘I arrived in a Ferrari, will we play for it?” Crawford elaborated.

Jordan’s Ferrari was valued at $450,000, yet he had no qualms about putting it up for the wager. Jordan eventually won the wager, hitting all five of his three-point attempts while Crawford couldn’t. All things considered, this was Jordan’s Wizards season.


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