Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant exhibit notable differences, according to Phil Jackson

Coach Phil Jackson, an NBA Hall of Famer, highlights the difference between Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant.

Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant, perhaps two of the best basketball players ever, have their names inscribed in the NBA’s annals of success. Both MJ and the Black Mamba were legendary players who dominated the league in their heyday.

It’s no secret that Kobe looked up to Air Jordan and even copied some of the Bulls guard’s techniques. The Mamba, in the opinion of many, was the most similar to MJ. Standing at 6 feet 6 inches tall, these famous guards possessed a comparable skill set and an unquenchable competitive drive.

Despite Kobe’s valiant attempts to overtake MJ, the latter remains the GOAT favourite. The two multiple-time MVPs do share one link, without whom they most likely wouldn’t have been as successful as they were.

The Bulls and Lakers, two of the NBA’s greatest dynasties, were created by Phil Jackson, a top-15 coach of all time.

The main distinction between Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant is laid forth by Phil Jackson

With 11 titles and three triple-doubles to his name, the Zen Master is widely regarded as the best coach in history. In his book, Eleven Rings: The Soul Of Success, Phil, who coached MJ and Kobe during their primes, provided a detailed analysis of the pros and cons of working with the two superstars.

“Despite his tendency to be harsh with his colleagues, Michael was a master at influencing the mood of the squad by the force of his presence. Before he could assert that, Kobe had a long way to go. He spoke a nice game, but unlike Michael, he hadn’t yet felt the icy reality of leadership in his bones.

While many of his players referred to MJ as a dictator, the Mamba originally battled with MJ’s ability to create results. With players like Shaquille O’Neal and Dwight Howard, the Lakers guard had his share of disagreements.

Kobe soon found a solution, though, and in 2009–10 he led the purple and gold to back-to-back titles while earning MVP honours in both of the Finals.

As opposed to being his own spear bearers, the other players seemed to be his companions now.

The Mamba got the closest to chasing the spirit of Chicago, but he was unable to accomplish so.

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