Metaworld Aims to Create an Engaging Storyline that Employs Deep Ideological and Philosophical Meanings

The better question to ask that who runs the world is what runs the world? Take a minute. Think about it. The answer might surprise and that’s only because many of us haven’t thought that it’s stories that determine how the wheel of the world churns. For many people, stories are for the books, cinema…not for them. But imagine if you were to tell someone how your day went, what just happened, the funny thing you saw on the way to work, you are telling them a story. That’s the power that Metaworld aims to harness by creating engaging storylines that are philosophical and entertaining.

As a project that uses blockchain and decentralized technology to build a virtual world, Metaworld is focused on making beautiful stories comes to life. Their focus, to begin with is to refresh and revisit the genre of dystopian science fiction. Think blade runner, equilibrium and you’ll get the picture. There’s a reason why the Orwellian picture of the world interspersed with Huxley-ian image hits home. Both are distressing and truth-carrying vessels in their own way. While none of the authors aimed to cause despair but dystopia is almost always an option, just as much as utopia is a possibility in the life of an individual and a generation of the world. 

The creators at Metaworld want to throw a harpoon into their imagination and see what they’ll be able to draw about the future. The present world is as polarized as any large family can be and at the same time it’s as much sustained on love as any. The creators believes that by “creating an engaging storyline that empathises with the current world, with its contradictions and similarties and the beautiful patterns that emerge from their interaction they will be able to create something that resonates with people.” 

Metaworld is but a hyper-focused world of today and that’s exactly what it aims to highlight. By creating characters and storylines that belong to people “we hope to help them see their own life as a third person because that often opens the window to get a better perspective. Our aim will be guided by very principles of – autonomous, democratic, infinite, transparent and entertaining – principles that are sculpting the Web3 ecosystem. It’s community-inclusive, responsible story-telling because we are aware of the profound effect stories can have, we aim to do it with complete seriousness.”

Here’s wishing Metaworld good luck with their work!


Akhil is a Special Correspondent of Clout news. Covers Administration, Crime, Hollywood and Politics.